Monday 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day presents for myself

The Ark came out on DVD today. I had been eagerly awaiting this and made sure I got to Tescos to buy it first thing in the morning.

The Ark is not the most highly regarded Hartnell story, but I love it. It is really charming and the Monoids are well designed. Plus I think it is cool that all of the far future humans wear flip flops!

I will post a review sometime.

Doctor Who Magazine also reached the shelves today and I got myself a copy. I am not the biggest fan of the magazine. It's uncritical stance towards the show can be irritating and their is a tendency to focus on the actors and production team at the expense of the fictional world of Doctor Who. The new Doctor Who magazine they brought out in America sounds better, though I doubt that will be available in the UK.

Thankfully, DWM had it's format vastly improved last month. A particularly impressive new feature is A Battle of Wits.. which offers two views on a controversial topic in Doctor Who. This month sees a debate about the new Dalek design. It's a great idea, though I find it difficult to imagine them being able to condense an effective debate on some topics, such as the question of whether history is immutable in the Doctor Who universe.

I also got myself a bottle of White Port to enjoy with the The Ark.


  1. I quite enjoyed the Ark as well. What a fantastic DVD it is, too! The insight from Peter Purves fills in a lot of blanks left by the absence of so many series 4 stories.

    I like the idea of offering up wine/spirits/beer recommendations along with DVD reviews. I find that a glass of Chimay works for most Tom Baker stories, for instance.

  2. I think Peter Purves was a bit harsh in his judgment on The Ark.

    As I work in alcohol misuse services I need to give you a warning not to overdo the Chimay at this point.

  3. Hahahahaha.... well, I try to limit my Tom Baker input as well.