Friday 11 February 2011

Taking a plunge into the mind of Lawrence Miles

I have purchased a copy of Lawrence Miles' Faction Paradox: The Book of the War. This is not a novel, but is rather an encyclopedia of his 'War in Heaven' creation; the original Time War before the idea was nicked by RT Davies. It is not simply a description of the concepts he created for the War in Heaven arc, but an elaboration of an entire cosmology. You have to admire the guy's ambition.

It does not seem like the sort of book that can be read cover to back. Perhaps I might have done better reading a Faction Paradox novel first, but I have already been introduced to the Faction Paradox and War concepts in his Doctor Who novel, Alien Bodies. I am quite fascinated by the whole thing. I also wanted to read it because it has an entry for the Yssgaroth, who are my favorite Doctor Who monsters ever. The Yssgaroth are one of the few Doctor Who elements not created by Lawrence Miles in The Book of the War that have not been forced to have a name change. The inclusion of the Yssgaroth makes me wonder if Miles, like me, admires Neil Penswick's much despised NA, The Pit.

I will post a review when I have read it.


  1. I'll look forward to your review and thoughts. I haven't read The Book of the War, but I hope to one day.

  2. It's very good so far. It's hard to get your head around the grand cosmic concepts, but it certainly draws you in.

    Do you have a theory about who The Enemy are?

    My money is on the advanced form of the Solonians in 'The Mutants.'