Saturday 5 February 2011

Season 9

Anything new in Season 9? We have a story that is pretty different to what has gone before, a bit less of the Master and the Doctor doing a bit more travelling in the TARDIS. Pertwee gets to battle with Daleks for the first time. Things are also getting a bit more camp this season. Otherwise, things have settled into a rather cosy formula. The trick of having the Time Lords enable the Doctor to travel on errands is getting a bit tired now. Letts and Dicks really should have let the Doctor have his ability to travel back this season rather than the next.

Day of the Daleks- 7/10
Remarkably prescient of The Terminator movie. The alternate timelines element does not make much sense. It does a good job of creating a grim future world. On the other hand, the battle between UNIT and the Daleks is a massive let down.

Curse of Peladon- 9/10
The best Third Doctor story since Season 7. Curse of Peladon tries hard to do something different and succeeds. Having the Ice Warriors as good guys is a remarkably imaginative idea.

The Sea Devils- 5/10
An attempt to remake Doctor Who and the Silurians with the Master and lots of naval hardware. Well produced but uninspired. Definitely not the classic some fans consider it to be.

The Mutants- 1/10
This is awful. Too long, dreadful dialogue, and the worst acting in Doctor Who ever.
It's not even redeemed by people slowly turning into bugs.

Could the super-evolved Solonians be the Enemy in the 'War in Heaven' story arc?

The Time Monster- 5/10
Not as bad as some fans make out. It is dreadful in places, but there is a real sense of camp fun. Possibly Roger Delgado's best performance. Just watch him seduce the queen of Atlantis!

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