Saturday 16 April 2011

Going somewhere, Dr. Who? by Matthew Clarke (my fan fiction)

More TV Comic era action!

"Of course we will help you to get back to Logopolis," said Gillian. "Won't we, Grandfather?"

"Yes, of course we will. I know you monks are up to some very important work there and I am sure your young friend will find it very educational. You will find that TARDIS will get you there in no time at all," replied Dr. Who. "And you won't have to worry about any Kroton company either. I know the importance of discretion."

"How can I ever thank you enough, Dr. Who," said the monk. "I will ensure you are well rewarded when we get back to Logopolis."

"We don't do it for money, we..." began John, before he was silenced by a dirty look from his grandfather.

"John, will you show the monk and his young friend to the TARDIS? Gillian and I will follow on in a minute," the Doctor said.

"May the prime numbers be with you, Doctor," the monk said, motioning the fair-haired young student to follow.

Dr. Who sat back and returned to his drink. Helping the Logopolitan was a smart idea. Although he was not quite sure exactly what the monks were up to on Logopolis, he knew the Time Lords were very keen to find out. Perhaps investigating Logopolis would help him get back into their good books. This could really save his neck.

The bar was a fascinating place; full of various creatures of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps it was not the healthiest place to be taking John and Gillian, but if they were old enough to fight monsters like Trods, they were old enough to go in bars. He watched the bizarre travellers of a dozen worlds enjoy their drinks. Gillian rose. up "Excuse me if I get myself another drink, Grandfather," she said.

"Of course, my dear. Nothing alcoholic mind you. We've got work to do," he replied.

After Gillian headed to the bar, Dr. Who noticed a Klepton looking at him. The creature was green-skinned, with a rubbery snout and large fish-like fins on the side of its head. It had a mean expression in its eyes. Here was trouble. The Doctor decided it was time to make himself scarce. He looked for the toilets and started to head in that direction.

"Going somewhere, Dr. Who?" asked the Klepton.

The Doctor returned to his seat. "I was just on my way to sort things out with your bosses. It is the Time Lords you are working for, isn't it? I'm just on my way to Gallifrey now."

"The time is over for that, Who. You had instructions to return to Gallifrey and you disobeyed them. You broke your agreement and it's time for the Time Lords to carry out sentence. They may only take your ship," sneered the Klepton.

"Over my dead body!" cried Dr. Who!

The Klepton gave a strange, watery laugh. "I doubt it. They will probably remove you from time and space. It will be as though you had never existed!"

The Doctor pulled out his ray gun and shot the Klepton "Die, hideous creature! Die!" he roared. The Klepton fell over the table; leaving a smoking green corpse.

Gillian had seen what happened. "You've killed him, Grandfather!"

Dr. Who approached his granddaughter and looked deep into her eyes.

He spoke to her softly. "Gillian, listen to me. You will remember what I say. The Klepton shot first. The Klepton shot first. Do you understand?"

Gillian looked blankly at him. "Yes, the Klepton shot first," she replied.

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