Monday 25 April 2011

Fan Fiction

Nobody has commented on this blog about my fiction. I suppose that is because most of you who follow this blog aren't very interested in fan fiction. As well as here, I post all of it on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind.

I don't pretend there is any real liteary merit to my writing. The thing about fan fiction is that it is a shamefacedly self-indulgent genre. It's an outlet for one's feelings about the show. The Doctor Who universe is so vast that there are naturally areas one would like to explore.

There are three series or story arcs I am working on. The first is stuff relating to the 60s TV Comic. These have all been Second Doctor stories with John and Gillian, but I am sure I will write a First Doctor story with John and Gillian eventually. The second series is all about Morgaine from Battlefield and what happens after she is 'locked up.' These are a sort of Doctor Who version of the 'women in prison' genre. The third arc is all about Big Finish character Elizabeth Klein.


  1. One reason I haven't commented (other than not having time to read them between work and my own projects) is that I'm not familiar with the John and Gillian comics or the BF Klein stories. It has been years since I saw Battlefield, so I don't really remember much about it either. Sorry.

  2. Never mind. We all take what interests us and leave the rest.