Saturday 30 July 2011

Nekromanteia, by Austen Atkinson (Big Finish Audio)

This audio takes us back into Eric Saward land. Blake's Seven plots, lots of violence and a very bleak future society. As with the Blake's Seven stuff, it's never made clear how far into the future this is.

It's nice to see Big Finish offering such a variety of stories, but unfortunately this audio has some of the faults of its source material. As with too much of the Saward era-material, the Doctor does not do an awful lot. The violence also becomes rather excessive. On the whole this is a rather dull story and not enormously original. I enjoy hearing Peri and Erimem, but they are a bit wasted here.

I can't decide whether the cackling and wailing of the witches is atmospheric or a bit silly in a comic book way.

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