Monday 30 May 2011

What to drink when watching Doctor Who

As a day job, I am an alcohol misuse worker, offering guidance and support for people who drink too much. So maybe I shouldn't be writing this.

Feel free to offer any alternative suggestions.

First Doctor era

Red wine

Second Doctor era

Scotch whisky

Third Doctor Season 7

Dry white wine

Third Doctor Season 8

Rose wine

Third Doctor Season 9

Sparkling white wine

Third Doctor Seasons 10-11

Brandy or cognac (just don't offer any to Sarah Jane Smith)

Fourth Doctor (Hinchcliffe)

A dark ruby ale

Fourth Doctor (Graham Williams)

A light golden ale with strong hoppy notes

Fourth Doctor (John Nathan-Turner)

An Espresso Stout

Fifth Doctor Seasons 19-20


Fifth Doctor Season 21

Gin and tonic

Sixth Doctor era

A Bloody Mary!

Seventh Doctor Season 24


Seventh Doctor Season 25

A Jack Daniels and coke

Seventh Doctor Season 26

Pear cider


  1. If it's Rosé wine for the Third Doctor, it must be Rose whines for the Ninth and Tenth.

  2. Very very funny 9and quite accurate).

    I recommend a cheap cider for the 9th and a boiler maker for the 10th Doctor.