Sunday 1 May 2011

Lawrence Miles on the Moffat producership

Lawrence Miles' Doctor Who Thing: Cheap Shot Redux

So if it isn't really doing anything for the children who keep appearing in it, then where's Doctor Who really being aimed...? The answer's even more obvious than it was a year ago: this is Twilight with time-travel, more interested in the Doctor's love-life than in going anywhere outside the sci-fi comfort zone. That's "sci-fi" in the sense of "sci-fi TV", naturally, not the good kind. We recall that Moffat refuses to read SF literature, which he considers saa-aad. This is why the new series is filled with all the clichés that a mid-'90s geek would like: Area 51, "tragic" Doctor-driven story-arcs, mysterious lovers who manage to be both two-dimensional and transdimensional, plus - inevitably - Neil sodding Gaiman.

Call me a Lawrence Miles sycophant if you like, but I think he always hits the nail on the head when it comes to Doctor Who. He is able to see everything that is wrong with Doctor Who at the moment.

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