Saturday 14 May 2011

Justice, by Matthew Clarke (my fan fiction)

Naturally, you have to have a fight in a 'Girls in prison' series. I kept it short because I don't like violence.

Morgaine slammed her fist into the other woman, knocking her to the ground. Before her opponent could rise, she gave her another kick with her bare foot. Certain that her opponent had been felled, Morgaine stepped away from her and slipped her flip flops back on.

Ganymede Correctional Facility was a tight operation, with discipline strictly enforced. Violence was generally rare, but occasionally it happened. Mali, Morgaine's opponent had been bullying weaker inmates and taking advantage of them. This was not something that Morgaine tolerated on her watch.

Morgaine addressed the other women gathered around. "Hear me. If I hear of any other woman in here abusing others, she will answer to me, Morgaine the Sunkiller. We are sisters in captivity. We are all in this place together and we will live like sisters. Does anybody object to that?"

There were no objections from anyone. Every inmate knew that Morgaine was a strange creature, perhaps slightly mad, but they feared her prowess as a fighter and respected her sense of justice.

At that moment, prison guards burst into the recreation area, shouting for the inmates to return to the cells, while Mali was picked up and carried to the medical wing. Morgaine was harried with the other women back to the cells. She suspected that the guards could have got involved earlier, but they probably thought Mali had it coming.

Morgaine knew the prison staff would examine the video footage and that she would do time in the punishment wing. 'What does that matter?' she thought to herself. In her world she had ruled over millions, in this prison she was determined to be a leader amongst the inmates. It was her duty, as a queen, a warrior and a noblewoman.

Meanwhile in another time and another place, the Doctor thought of Morgaine. From a distance, he had kept an eye on her during her imprisonment. He knew of the kindness she had showed to other prisoners. He knew how she had fought against both prisoners and guards who had been cruel and abusive. He knew how much Morgaine had done to redeem herself.

'Can I leave her locked up forever?,' wondered the Doctor. 'Has she proved her self worthy to be released?' It was a question he had asked himself many times. He had ordered that Morgaine be locked up. She had been locked up for about two hundred years now. How many centuries would he keep her in there for? Was it just for her to stay in prison until the end of the universe? It was a question the Doctor agonised over.

'No, I can't risk releasing her,' decided the Doctor. So many times had he pondered the quandary of Morgaine and come to that same conclusion. Morgaine was a creature of chaos. She was too unpredictable, perhaps too unstable. Even if she returned to her own universe, there was no guarantee that she would stay there. Morgaine was much safer locked up.

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