Monday 19 April 2010

Victory of the Daleks

Winston Churchill thinks the Daleks will help Britain win the war. But are they are Trojan horse?

The first Steven Moffat/ Eleventh Doctor to feature the Daleks. I am afraid I am not impressed by this story.

Victory of the Daleks has clearly been influenced by Power of the Daleks, with the Daleks' line 'I am your servant' changed to 'I am your soldier.' Appropriately, Matt Smith puts in a suitably Troughtonish manic performance. Sadly, the rest of this one does not live up to its black and white predecessor.

Too much has been squeezed into this story. It is too hurried as a single episoder. The Doctor does remarkably little.

The portrayal of Winston Churchill is rather cliched. Personally, I don't like the Doctor getting chummy with Winston Churchill. It is wrong to make the Doctor a part of the British establishment. He is not British and he is an eternal renegade or rogue. The Star Wars style Spitfire attack was an horrible piece of nostaligia fetish.

The stopping of the Oblivion bomb in the android was shockingly sentimental. No more of this sort of thing, please.

The new design of the Daleks is interesting. I can't say I object to it. Reminds me a little of the TV21 comics.

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  1. The Doctor did loads in this story! He gave the Daleks their (awesome) new look, and helped deactivate Bracewell! If it felt rushed, than too much attention was payed to the Breem character. Would've been better had they just not used her. It also has one of the best supporting casts I've ever seen, and the main cast are good here too.