Saturday 24 April 2010

The Twin Dilemma

The Doctor has regenerated into a rather more difficult persona. He and Peri must do battle with a big slug.

The first story to feature the newly regenerated Sixth Doctor. I am not a big fan of Peter Davison, so I can't help thinking the change to Colin Baker was more of an improvement than some fans allow. The Sixth Doctor is a much more interesting character, and offers pleasant reminiscences of William Hartnell. That said, Colin Baker does some dreadful overacting in this story and he is a times painful to watch. His attempt to strangle Peri was rather excessive.

I agree with everybody else that Colin Baker's costume is simply awful.

The Twin Dilemma is a bit of a throw-away story. It is more enjoyeable than some fans make out, but it is rather weak and badly plotted. Some of the dialogue is quite poor.

I quite like the Gatropod Mestor, despite claims by fans that he is a terrible monster. I also like the idea of a mythical Gastropod apocalypse. The Jocastan costumes are definitely effective.

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