Thursday 24 June 2010

Doctor River Song and Self-Marriage

Is it just a coincidence that the Doctor criticised the Church's condemnation of self-marriage in The Time of Angels? Could it be that the Doctor is going to go through a self-marriage?

And would a name change to River Song be part of the ceremony.

There do seem to be just a few clues that River Song is a future incarnation of the Doctor.

By the way, I am going to leave reviewing Pandorica Opens until I have seen the second part.


  1. Wow! It never occurred to me that River Song might be a future Doctor! I would be totally OK with HER as a girl-Doctor.

    Of course now those who've seen the episodes know who River Song REALLY is and that's really cool too. Like Stetsons. Or a fez.

  2. Thanks for commenting.

    This is an old post. Nowadays i couldn't care less about the character.