Monday 31 January 2011

A Plea to Big Finish

Dear nice people at Big Finish,

I very much enjoy your Doctor Who audio dramas. They are really enjoyable and totally recreate the feeling of watching a classic Doctor Who serial.

However, there is one thing missing.

What is going on with all these regional accents and very working-class sounding actors? Doctor Who does not sound like that at all. We all know that apart from the odd Mummerset peasent and a few cockney UNIT soldiers, everybody in classic Doctor Who is supposed to sound posh.

It would really improve my enjoyment as an enthusiastic listener to hear a bit less of these strange northern accents and a bit more proper BBC English. If we Dr. Who fans can accept that Ace comes from a London council estate while sounding incredibly posh, I am sure we can accept a few more aliens and far future human colonists sounding a bit more Home Counties.

So please can we have more received pronunciation in Big Finish Doctor Who dramas?

Thank you very much

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