Thursday 3 June 2010

The Android Invasion

The Kraal are planning to invade earth using androids and/or a deadly virus.

This is my least favorite story of the Tom Baker era. Give me Creature from the Pit, Underworld or even The Invisible Enemy. This story is just rubbish.

I found this so tedious to watch. It has some really lazy, generic storywriting.

There is simply no decent plot. So much of this story makes no sense. What is the point of the fake English village? Why do the Kraal build androids when they could just drop the virus and let that kill off humanity? How could Crayford possibly be fooled into thinking he is missing an eye? What about the Kraal invasion fleet?

The Kraal look decent enough visually, but they are typically boring militaristic types. There is some nice location work in the English countryside and Milton Johns at least puts in a decent performance as Crayford.

It is nice to see Ian Marter again as Harry Sullivan, but this just reminds the viewer how heavily this story draws on Terror of the Zygons.

The Phillip Hinchcliffe years were simply not as good as some fans make out.

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